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Experience in the international markets

Thanks to our long-standing presence in the international market, we fully understand the specifics and requirements of clients from different regions like: Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Support at every stage of the project
From concept to implementation, we are with you every step of the way, ensuring professional support and advice.

European made, available locally

We create, develop and manufacture our system in Europe. We use the latest innovations to provide our clients with the best solutions on the market.

Grenton means a proven smart home system manufacturer with experience from thousands of implementations


years of history

We began developing our technology in 2011. We entered the commercial market in 2015.


countries with distribution

Covering the following regions: Europe, Middle East, Africa.


system users around the world

Over 40,000 customers worldwide have trusted Grenton. This number grows every day.

reference projects
& activities

Residential complexes

Thanks to its scalability and flexibility, the system is perfectly suited for large residential estates.

Private villas

Private investors also find Grenton to be the perfect individual solution for their home automation needs.

Commercial spaces

The system is also applicable in commercial investments, such as hotels, spa centers, entertainment centers and others.

Sample reference projects with Grenton involved:

Chloe Villas, Protaras, Cyprus

Residential complex featuring modern villas situated along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Cyprus.


The Grenton system is used for:

  • climate control,
  • lighting management,
  • home automation – sample scenarios include: 'Leaving Home’ and 'Sleep’ modes for enhanced activity management.

Duna Terasz Grande, Budapest, Hungary
790 apartments with Grenton

… additionally, 19 commercial premises and a Marina on the Danube.

The Grenton system used for managing:

  • temperature,
  • lighting
  • and blinds.

The entire system is expandable by the property buyer.

Modern residence Eutymia, Warsaw, Poland


A passive house made of concrete, innovatively using a home automation system in every room, including:

  • touch panels with natural wood, matched to the interior,
  • lighting that follows the inhabitants,
  • a scent generation system based on data from the Grenton Multisensor,
  • smart parcel locker,
  • over 40 blinds for synchronized control, e.g., depending on the angle of the sun’s rays,
  • lighting for an aquarium and home terrarium,
  • and much more:  Eutymia Dom i ogród

Knowledge Economic City, Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia

A luxurious estate of several dozen villas designed so that residents can enjoy daily access to the lagoon and expansive green areas. Each villa was planned with the incorporation of the Grenton Smart Home System for:


  • temperature and climate management,
  • lighting control,
  • integration with home multimedia.

This is an example of the concept of using Grenton also as support in managing common space, including:


  • intelligent lighting of common areas,
  • temperature management in common areas,
  • automated management of energy and water resources,
  • intelligent irrigation systems for gardens and green areas.

Private villas, Dubai, UAE

A modern architecture seamlessly integrated with the latest smart technology in private villas located in Dubai. From the initial design stage, these residences have been crafted with a focus on intelligent functionalities, all managed by the Grenton Smart Home System.

Fundamental smart home functionalities, selected from a wide array of possibilities at this villa:

Lighting control

  • the ability to remotely turn lights on/off via an app,
  • setting lighting scenarios and adjusting light intensity,
  • lighting automation, e.g., synchronization with the daily cycle.

Curtains and blinds management

  • opening and closing curtains or blinds using an app or a touch panel,
  • automatically adjusting curtain positions according to the time of day or weather conditions,
  • integration with the lighting system to optimize natural light.

Air conditioning and ventilation control

  • remotely controlling air conditioning and ventilation through an app,
  • setting schedules and temperature preferences,
  • automatically adjusting the temperature based on sensor data and user preferences.
Other reference projects from Europe and Africa:

Podgorica, Montenegro

198 apartments with Grenton. In each apartment, control of temperature, lighting and blinds.

Futuria Maslice, Poland

156 apartments, a private park, electric vehicle charging station, and the Grenton system available to all residents.

Microsoft, office, Nigeria

Lighting and temperature control in an office building facility, among others, rented by Microsoft.

MasterCard, Expo, Romania

Control of the exhibition space for MasterCard at an expo center.

Starbucks, Cyprus

A flagship Starbucks cafe in a shopping center; lighting control via Grenton.

Entertainment center, Poland

Entertainment and recreation center with a bowling alley, game lounge and dance floor; with Grenton-controlled lighting.

Lemon Resort & Spa, Poland

20 two-level hotel apartments; with Grenton-controlled lighting and temperature.

The Loft Hotel, Poland

29 apartments in a 4-star hotel with lighting control, air conditioning, blinds, TV, presence control, and hotel services.

Aparthotel, Poland

19 apartments fully controlled with Grenton. Additionally, sauna visit reservations and communal space management.

Modular homes by Keno Home

A comprehensive smart home system for all series of modular homes by Keno Home.

Brzozowy Zakatek, Poland

110 apartments managed by the Grenton Smart Home System in the prestigious district Wilanów Town in Warsaw

Mill by the Cybina, Poland

134 apartments and a common area (including elevator and garage lighting management) of an exclusive residential complex controlled by Grenton.

Wuwart, Poland

20 premium apartments with Grenton in an exclusive apartment complex, each with a rooftop terrace, garage, and shared gym

… and more

Contact us. During the meeting, we will be happy to show you more, including details about ongoing projects.

Grenton at the fairs and exhibitions in different countries:

The largest global technology show in the Middle East region, always with Grenton.

The most important event for the construction sector in Greece.

The most prestigious event for architects and interior designers in Central Europe.

Grenton offers comprehensive support. You pick the smart technology for your project, we handle the rest – a seamless installation and setup.

Complete manufacturer support

You receive complete support. It’s Grenton’s responsibility to implement the system in your project.

Scalable and comprehensive

The system is easily scalable to the size of the investment. It’s comprehensive in terms of functionality and the ability to integrate with other systems.

Proven reliability of operation

Proven in thousands of implementations. Including large residential estate projects and in commercial investments in Poland, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Each stage of the project always with Grenton’s full support. You get additional value, Grenton sets up and maintains the system.

1. The initiation of the smart home project, supported by the expertise of Grenton
You start by defining the project concept, considering your needs and expectations or those of your client. You design smart home functionalities and include the home automation system as an important element of a modern project. If in doubt or in need of consultation, Grenton is always ready to help and provide the necessary information.
2. Defining the scope of smart home functionalities by Grenton
A Grenton representatives thoroughly analyze your project guidelines and offer insights into potential smart home functionalities, as well as integration with other systems like air conditioning, video monitoring or multimedia. They assist in recommending devices and systems which, upon integration with the smart home setup, acquire additional, extraordinary features.
3. Technical design of the smart home installation developed by Grenton
Upon receiving the electrical installation plans, the Grenton team begins work on the technical design of the smart home system, ensuring the highest standards and precision.
4. Detailed consultation with the local Grenton representatives
The local Grenton representatives take action to provide a complete overview of the system’s capabilities. From presentations, through consultations, to practical demonstrations of functionalities – all to ensure that you or your clients have a full understanding of the technologies offered.
5. Professional installation and configuration of the system by the local Grenton representatives
When the project is ready for implementation, the local Grenton representatives install and configure the system with the utmost precision and attention to detail. They manage the entire process from start to finish, including training the household members on how to use the system.
6. Post-sales support for the client from the local Grenton representatives
Grenton not only provides technology but also guarantees full support after its implementation. Both warranty service and potential support after the warranty expires are secured and the local Grenton representatives are always ready to assist and provide advice on using the system.

Grenton means high quality of product and service. Thus we support local partners with the relevant knowledge and the best practice sharing program.

A home is not just a building.
Modern home means smart home – the standard of new home functionalities.

A modern home with a smart home system

A modern home is a building that performs most tasks on its own, on behalf of the residents. Thanks to home automation and integration with domestic systems, this is possible. A modern home can be managed remotely, both locally and from an office or a beach. The modern home receives data from sensors, such as presence or flooding. In connection with a smart home system, it reacts automatically to what happens.

A traditional home without a smart solutions

A traditional building is equipped with basic electrical installations and systems that don’t communicate with each other. As a result, the residents control each area of the house independently and don’t utilize the potential of automation. Traditional systems are not managed remotely and don’t allow for convenient control of, for example, lighting, temperature or blinds from a single mobile application.

Real estates equipped with Grenton Smart Home offer residents many unique benefits


A fusion of modern technology with natural and minimalist design. In line with smart living trends.


Convenient home management, thanks to home automation and remote control from one app.

Energy management

Savings based on the connection between actual energy consumption and its current cost.


Identifying threats and preventing floods. Monitoring home parameters and remotely notifying residents of anomalies.

Time savings

Providing residents with automations, integrations and smart scenes. The home takes over some of their responsibilities.

Tailored design

Providing a wide portfolio of finishing materials for touch panels, including glass, natural wood and leather.

Steering and control with a design tailored for every interior

Alongside a portfolio of home automation modules and a mobile application, the system offers a broad selection of stylish touch panels, available in various natural finish options, complemented by the flagship Smart Panel equipped with an OLED screen.


The modern appearance of Grenton’s touch panels and the diverse materials from which they are made ensure that the panels perfectly match any interior. You can choose from a continuously expanding portfolio of high-quality, stylish, modern premium materials, including glass, natural wood and premium-grade leathers.

The Grenton system is a solution for both residential and commercial investments.

The Grenton system performs perfectly in houses, residences and apartments, as well as in hotels, offices and public utility spaces. It merges the benefits of both wired and wireless systems.


It’s engineered to offer speed and communication stability, a distinctive trait of wired systems. Furthermore, it’s adapted for the incorporation of wireless solutions when a wired approach isn’t viable or when a non-invasive upgrade to other rooms is anticipated.

Grenton offers more than just individual home management. For projects that require it, you can access numerous innovative features for estate or communal space management.

Lighting management

Automatic lighting control in halls, corridors, and other shared spaces, with the ability to adjust brightness and apply scheduling.

Elevator control

Smart elevator management, allowing for example automatic elevator calling based on the identification of a vehicle registration entering the garage.

Energy consumption monitoring

Information on energy consumption and other utilities, for expense control.

Security and access control

Control of gates and barriers from the application for each user, flood prevention, and alerting about threatsControl of gates and barriers from the application for each user, flood prevention, and alerting about threats.

Climate control

Central temperature control in common areas, with the ability to adjust according to the time of day and weather forecast.

Smart irrigation for green areas

Automatic irrigation of gardens and other green areas depending on weather conditions and plant needs.

Parking management

Integration with systems for monitoring parking space availability, e.g., viewing available parking spots. Illumination of the path to a private parking space upon recognizing the vehicle’s registration

Smart waste management

Monitoring the fill level of trash containers and optimizing collection schedules for building administrators.

Facilitating reservations for gym or jacuzzi spots

Allowing residents to easily view the availability of these spaces

Virtual reception desk

Viewing property manager announcements, including important information for residents, such as community events or alarms.

… and much more.

Contact us for more details and dedicated response to your needs.


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